Samba + nt4.0SP5 + quickbooks problem (file locking maybe)

Tom Diehl tdiehl at
Thu Aug 26 17:41:21 GMT 1999

Hi all,
I have a redhat 5.2 samba server running samba 2.0.5a. I also have several
nt4.0 SP5 machines attempting to access files on the samba server. The
samba server is mapped under NT as drive g. Everything appears to work
except multiuser quickbooks 99. We have quickbooks installed on the 
local c drive with the data file on drive g. Everything is ok until more
than one user tries to access the data file. The first user gets in ok but
the second user gets an error message stating that the data file is corrupt.
If I put the data file on one of the nt machines local disk everything works
fine. I think this is some sort of file locking problem but I cannot seem to 
be able to get it right. When I look at who is accessing what with swat it
says that the files have exclusive+batch oplocks. When the 2nd user tries to 
access the file the exclusive + batch lock goes away and the 2nd user gets 
a read only file. but the qbooks lock file stays exclusive+ batch. Intuit
says qb should work with samba if properly set up but they do not know how
to set it up (some help they are). 

Has anyone already invented a solution to this problem?? I am running out 
of ideas.

Please cc me directly in addition to the list.


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