What to do in Windows 95 after configuring Samba

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at rain.org
Wed Aug 25 06:09:52 GMT 1999

On 25 Aug 99, at 1:46, Jeffrey Yep <jyep at MailAndNews.com> wrote:

> I'm new to Samba so sorry for this trivial question. I've configured my
> smb.conf with all the shares and enabled WINS support. I wanted to know
> what do I have to configure in my windows 95 machine.

Make sure the workgroup is the same on both.  Name your windoze box 
(in the Identification tab of Network properties) the same as an 
account on the linux box (use this username and password to login 
below).  Yes, your login name and windoze NetBIOS will be the same, 
otherwise you have to map the names in the username map file (see the 
man page).  Make sure you have a sane guest account (e.g., nobody, 
ftp) in the smb.conf file.  Choose Network Logon as the default in 
windoze Network Properties.  Plain text passwords are the simplest, 
so set encrypted passwords to no in smb.conf, and apply the win95 reg 
hack.  You should also apply the win95 updates for TCP/IP, the 
redirector, etc.  See:


Your windoze box will not show up in Network Neighborhood if you 
don't enable File & Print sharing.

You also want to set the samba/ip_masq box as the Gateway in windoze 
Network Properties.

That should do it, Steve

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