Q&A: Samba, Solaris & LPRng?

Frans Stekelenburg f.stekelenburg at acriter.com
Wed Aug 25 08:01:12 GMT 1999

Bongiorno Principeso,

I'm investigating the use of LPRng (latest), Solaris (2.6) and Samba
(1.9.18p10 [*]), and therefor I would like to beg and crawl *smile* for
people how have this running very smoothly and with no pain to share
with me their configuration set-up (config file information, maybe the
way some things like LPRng were configured and compiled).

After all it's better stolen, than badly invented... or something like
that :-)

Kind Samba regards to all you readers,


[*] With special LDAP functionality 'hack'

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