FW: HELP: having problem with timestamps of files with linux sam ba client and winnt shared drive

Jan Kratochvil short at ucw.cz
Wed Aug 11 20:19:37 GMT 1999


On Wed, Aug 11, 1999 at 03:56:18PM -0400, Gonda, Rumi wrote:
> thanks for your help, it was useful.  i read the document and looked around

  Glad to hear that...

> some more.  since i don't have the luxury to rebuild the kernel do you know

  What "luxury"? If you have any Linux machine (probably yes :-) ), you can
build it yourself. Where's the problem?

> if there is a way of reversing the setup.  the text file show how you can

  If I remember good in the old kernels it really wasn't possible (there
were only "|=" C constructs with any "=" or "&=" there).

> disable win95 and rebuild kernel and then mount with x755 option to enable
> the option.  i cant rebuild so i want to just at mount time disable this

  In Samba-2.0.5a the mount options '-f' in smbmount(1) were removed due
to the kernel autodetect feature discussed below.

> feature.  do you have any ideas how to do that?  smbmount does not give me
> any option to give mode field.  should I just go into the /etc/mtab and add
> it?  

  In "mtab" it wouldn't help - the filesystem is already mounted and this
file is only a trace of it. BTW "mtab" is more-or-less obsolete these days,
"/proc/mounts" is The Right(tm) source of authoritative filesystem info.

  But even if you can't compile your own kernel (?) you can just upgrade
to precompiled kernel for your distribution version 2.2.10 (2.2.11) -
- I've right now looked and in the patch file 2.2.9->2.2.10 there was removed
the WIN95 bug workaround compile-time option and now 2.2.10 kernels properly
autodetect the server type and behave accordingly.

> thanks, (RUMI) (c).  
				Bye, Lace

> > I have looked around a lot and couldn't find anything on this.  
> > can some one please help?  
>   Firstly - this problem isn't much specific to Samba, it's rather Linux
> kernel related as the "smbfs" is written more by kernel-people than by
> Samba package people AFAIK.
>   Please upgrade to some recent kernel like 2.2.11 (although I don't
> remember
> too much "smbfs" changes in 2.2.x I would rather stay on the bleeding
> edge of technology). Then read
> "/usr/src/linux/Documentation/filesystems/smbfs.txt" file (found in kernel
> sources linux-2.2.11.tar.bz2):
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ...
> Unfortunately, some of the Win 95 work-arounds interact with Win NT bugs,
> ...
> Option                  Value  Effect
> Identify Win 95 Server    1    Enables bug fixes
> Use Core Attributes       2    Speeds up directory scans, only mtime
> Use Dir Attributes        4    Alternate way to get file attributes
> ...
> Note that _only_ Windows 95 servers require special treatment; using the
> "core attributes" option with Win NT will give trash timestamp values.
>                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> ...
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > > I have RedHat Linux and have mounted shared drives from WINNT 4.0 SP4.  
> > > Samba version v2.0.5a.  
> > > 
> > > I am having this problem when we mount a shared winnt drive on linux.  
> > > the timestamps look all messed up. I am not sure if I did not setup it
> up
> > > properly or what.  Any help you can provide will be appreciated.  
> 						Lace

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