Login script for Win95 machines

Johan Meiring jjm at iname.com
Wed Aug 11 23:51:09 GMT 1999

Hi Mark,

Just put "logon script = login.bat".  [netlogon] is assumed.


>On my Samba server I created a directory called 'netlogon' and I put a
>file in there called 'login.bat'.  Also did I create a share called
>'netlogon' which points to the 'netlogon' directory.
>I set up samba to use a login script (login script=netlogon/login.bat).
>Strange enough it does not seem to be executed when Win95 clients logon. If
>I double-click the batchfile straight from the server after logon it works
>just fine. Can somebody help me out?
>Thanks in advance,

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