How to get Win 3.x, NT, W95 and W98 to all talk to Samba server

johnjmedway jmedway at
Mon Aug 9 16:32:10 GMT 1999

A couple of digests ago, someone posted fix to get W'59 and W'98 clients to 
be able to talk to a Samba server. We didn't modify the source and 
recompile, but instead simply returned the offending switch (nt support) to 
the default, and life was fine. Or so we thought.

Now, Win 3.x machines cannot see the shares. So, we add (I believe only) 
"browseable=yes" and those work, but now Win '95 without the service pack 
fails. Surely there is some way to get all Win 3.x, NT, Win 95 and Win 98 
to talk at the same time. Isn't there?

Here's the relevant portion of smb.conf:

	        workgroup = AUSTIN-LAB
	        netbios name = TEMPCERB
	        netbios aliases = TEMPCERB-RW
	        server string = Samba 2.0.5a, Solaris 2.6
	        interfaces =	
	        security = SHARE
	        log level = 3
	        log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m
	        load printers = No
	        wins server =
	        printing = qnx
	        mangled names = No
	        socket options = TCP_NODELAY
	        max log size = 50
	        guest account = nobody
	        comment = VTL-Austin Staging Filesystem (Samba, Read-Only)
	        path = /tivoli/staging
	        guest ok = Yes
	        default case = upper

Also, where can I get info on the particular modes listed under "Sharing" 
in the SWAT status page? I'd like to know why I'm getting both "DENY_WRITE" 
(which is what I want) and "DENY_DOS" (no idea why).

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