samba with kerberos

Brian Smith bsmith at
Mon Aug 9 19:47:51 GMT 1999

I'm sorry if this is documented somewhere.... I certainly couldn't find it 

We are currently using the registry hack to allow unencrypted passwords from 
our NTsp3+ and 95 clients. We currently have 2 passwords, one considered 
secure (the Kerberos password - used for UNIX desktop logins and such) and one 
considered insecure (currently just used for POP and samba - we have no telnet 
or ftp or other similar services that send passwords in cleartext). Anyway, 
I'd like to have a single password, the Kerberos one. I compiled Samba with K5 
support and was able to connect to the server using a bogus K5 account.

Then, I turned on 'encrypt password' on the Samba side and changed the 
registry setting back on the NT side. Now, the only way I can seem to connect 
is by using the password that would be in the smbpasswd file.

Is there someway to easily use the kerberos passwords for the samba password, 
but not have the password in cleartext?

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