NULL filled corrupt files

Gregor Longariva grlongar at
Mon Aug 2 09:40:53 GMT 1999


I've seen, some people experienced this problem earlyer, but I have
not found any solution in the mailing lists...

So the problem is, copying files from an NT Workstation (SP5 ) 
on a Samba server running under Linux (2.0.10) in some (rare) cases
results in files exactly of the right size but filled with NULL bytes.
I'm using samba 2.0.5a and likely since version 2.0.0 this problem

This is a very ugly situation since we cannot trust on storing file
on our fileserver. Maybe some other people have still the same 
problem and know, how I can fix it.
I've done a search over all the documentation and mailing lists I
know about Samba but I've found only people with the same problem -
but no solution.

The track down of the problem was done by somebody else earlyer on
a Solaris machine.

Maybe anybody knows what's the solution...?


Gregor Longariva

<longariva at>

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