Accessing Samba shares via PPP links

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Mon Aug 2 07:27:42 GMT 1999

>: RE: Accessing Samba shares via PPP links

>>What is the correct way to access a Samba share when the Samba server has a
>>private IP adress (eg 192.168.x.y), the (Windows via PPP)  client is assigned a
>>relevant private address (eg 192.168.x.z) and the username/password used to
>>login to the client is not known to the server and/or is different from the username/
>>password used to login to the server.

>Just a hint....

>Samba may be configured to listen on certain ifaces... will this have anything to
>do with that??? I mean, I'm sure it defaults to listen on the eth iface but what
>about the ppp ones???

>Not sure....
>maybe I'm completely mistaken.... in that case please correct me guys.


It would appear that there is a lot of interest in this project.  This
is the second this week

I put out feelers a few weeks back on the same subject, but not via this
mailing list. Mikkel
Ellertson has given me a few pointers.  I have got side tracked in the

Can someone more knowledgeable than I set up a group for it.

Let me have the info and I will try and put a HOWTO together on the


Max Wood

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