Joel jwknight at
Sun Aug 1 18:48:24 GMT 1999

Hello list.  I am in the process of upgrading our samba server (installing
latest packages, etc) and am looking for people to share their experiences
with the following.

1) As per Jeremy Allison's email to this list, I've done an
echo "80 500 64 64 80 6000 6000 1884 2" >/proc/sys/vm/bdflush which is
supposed to increase file cache in memory. What kind of performance
increase are we looking at with that? 

2) More importantly to me than #1, I'm currently running Linux 2.0.36.
Does anyone have any strong arguments over installing latest 2.2.x? Keep
in mind that this machine is also used as a dial-on-demand Internet

Thanks for any and all comments. :)


 Joel Knight

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