extending 12 character limit in share names

JFreeman at cornell-iowa.edu JFreeman at cornell-iowa.edu
Mon Aug 2 01:26:31 GMT 1999

Quick question:

Could someone quickly tell me where in the code I could change the length of
share names to be longer than 12 characters?  Thanks.

Explanation of problem.  We are running all NT clients (4.0 with SP 3 or 5).
A few user names are longer than 12 characters.  When these users try to
connect to their own home share on linux, the share name is obviously longer
than 12 characters.  Possible solutions are to map the NT name to a UNIX
name 12 characters or less, or to extend the maximal length of the share
name so it works like NT 4 SP3 or above.  Due to limited management time,
the second option is the preferred solution.

Thanks for any help.


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