Most effective amount of memory

Joel jwknight at
Sun Aug 1 18:38:50 GMT 1999

How many concurrent users are connected to your file server at a time? I
can't imagine a C400 with 128ram being slow for anything but a fairly
large user base. Also, why would you be running Gnome (or for that matter
even have X installed) on a server machine?

On Sun, Aug 01, 1999 at 08:19:44AM +1000, John Schmerold wrote:
> What is most effective amount of memory for a RedHat 6.0 box used as a file / print / mail server?
> I have 128MB in a Celeron 400 box running file/print/mail services & Gnome.
> It seems a little slow.
> Not sure if it's the RAM, video ( cheapo 2MB Cirrus Logic card) &/or hard drive Quantum IDE 6GB hard drive.


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