Frequent errors copying to an SMB share

Greger Cronquist greger.cronquist at
Mon Aug 13 06:28:46 GMT 2007

Thanks for your reply, Matt!

Unfortunately I already do that.  The errors typically occur after a few files have been successfully updated or copied, as if the share (constructed with a "net use" command) suddenly disappears (which it doesn't).


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> On 8/10/07, Greger Cronquist <greger.cronquist at> wrote:
> > I have a setup that rsyncs (using the rsync protocol without rsh/ssh
> logins)
> > from one windows server (A) to a NAS (B) via a second windows server
> (C) (A
> > is on a separate location from B & C, and the NAS doesn't support
> rsync
> > directly), where C stores data on an SMB share on B. My problem is
> that I
> > often get "No such host or network path (136)" from rsync (robocopy
> or
> > similar works without a glitch) when storing on the SMB share. Is
> this a
> > common problem, and if so can anyone help me solve it? I'm using
> > rsync/cygwin compiled from cvs (sometime in July).
> I Googled for `rsync "No such host or network path"' and found a
> report of a similar problem:
> It's not clear to me exactly what is going on, but it appears that the
> two initial slashes on the destination (or possibly the removal of one
> of them by rsync) may be causing the problem.  If you are using a
> destination path of the form //server/share/foo/bar , it might help to
> map a Windows drive letter to the NAS or set up a Cygwin mount point
> (see )
> so you can give a destination path that doesn't begin with the two
> slashes.
> Matt
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