vanished files

Samuel Vogel samy-delux at
Fri Aug 10 22:10:52 GMT 2007

The vanished files problem is really REALLY annoying... It renders rsync 
unusable for me:

sent 22972933 bytes  received 2399590976 bytes  310684.69 bytes/sec
total size is 98068497125  speedup is 40.48
client_run2 waiting on 18377
_exit_cleanup(code=24, file=main.c, line=1385): entered
rsync warning: some files vanished before they could be transferred 
(code 24) at main.c(1385) [generator=2.6.9]
_exit_cleanup(code=24, file=main.c, line=1385): about to call exit(24)

When will there be a real fix for it?


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