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On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 11:15 AM, Francis Robichaud <
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> After reviewing the source code and architecture behind distcc, I
> realized that modifying the pump feature would probably be the best
> way to achieve distributed compilation with the ARM compiler. Nils and
> Fergus briefly explained that the python parser should skip the
> default compiler includes
> http://lists.samba.org/archive/distcc/2008q2/003655.html . For my
> needs, I would remove default includes and add specific support for
> --via file1.txt and --depend file2.tmp which both require file1.txt
> and file2.tmp to be sent to remote hosts.
> I would appreciate if any of you, Martin/Nils/Fergus, could guide me
> to accomplish such a task by telling me what files/functions I should
> consider modifying.

For the default compiler includes, see include_server/compiler_defaults.py.

Here's some of the command-line parsing code.  In src/args.c,
dcc_scan_args(), and indeed most of the functions in that file.
In src/serve.c, tweak_arguments_for_server() and the functions that it
calls.  dcc_talk_to_include_server() is where it computes the input files.
Feel free to refactor this code.

The simplest way to navigate the source code, by the way, is to run "make
tags" (or just run "ctags src/*.[ch]")
and then use the "tags" feature of your editor (e.g. vim or emacs) to follow
the call chain starting at main() in distcc.c (for the distcc client) or
daemon.c (for distccd).


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