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Roxane Cohen roxanne.editor at findmysoft.com
Sat Feb 28 15:24:01 GMT 2009

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<title>distcc 2.18.3 software certification</title>

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    Hello!<br />
I am Roxane Cohen, Mac Editor at FindMySoft.com.<br />
<br />
We are pleased to inform you that your software <b>distcc 2.18.3</b> has been tested on 15-Jan-2009 by one 
of our software engineers. We would like to congratulate you for the quality of your product. We have updated 
<b>distcc</b>  details on findmysoft.com. Since <b>distcc</b> exceeds the quality standards 
of many other software products in its category it has been granted the "EXCELLENT" software certificate.<br />
<br />
An image certificate with your product name on it has been created to assure our visitors that 
<b>distcc 2.18.3</b> is a high quality software product.<br />
<br />
<a href="http://distcc.mac.findmysoft.com/">
<img src="http://www.findmysoft.com/mac/distcc_award.png" width="160" height="110" border="0" /></a>
<br />

<br />
Software URL:  <a href="http://distcc.mac.findmysoft.com/">http://distcc.mac.findmysoft.com/</a><br />
<br />
<br />
To request a free "EXCELLENT" certificate for another product please contact us at 
<a href="mailto:roxanne.editor at findmysoft.com">roxanne.editor at findmysoft.com</a>. We will review your request within 48 hours.<br />
<br />
<br />
Please feel free to link to <b>distcc</b> using the URL above. You may use the "EXCELLENT" image 
certificate on your website when linking to us. Please save the logo on your server, do not hotlink it 
from our website. <br />
<br />
Regards!<br />
<br />
Roxane Cohen, Mac Editor at FindMySoft.com<br />
<a href='http://www.findmysoft.com'>http://www.findmysoft.com</a><br />
<a href="mailto:roxanne.editor at findmysoft.com">roxanne.editor at findmysoft.com</a>
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