DHCP and orinoco_cs

Lars Gaarden larsg at eurorights.org
Sun Mar 2 07:46:33 EST 2003

Matt Blake Oefinger wrote:

> However, 'ifconfig eth1' shows that the card has no IP address. I run
> 'netconfig eth1' and select DHCP IP assignment, then restart the card by
> performing 'ifconfig eth1 down' then 'ifconfig eth1 up,' but 'ifconfig eth1'
> still shows that my card has no IP address assigned.

"ifconfig ethx up" only activates the interface. It does not look at 
the configuration file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ and set IP
or run the dhcp client.

What you want is ifup/ifdown.

> I have verified the card and network on Windows so I know the DHCP server
> and infrastructure is in place and functional.

It works a lot better with 'ifup'.

> Any suggestions as to how I can successfully obtain an IP address via DHCP
> would be greatly appreciated!

"ifup eth1", or run the dhcp client manually.


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