DHCP and orinoco_cs

Matt Blake Oefinger oefinger at MIT.EDU
Sun Mar 2 06:15:44 EST 2003

My RedHat 7.3 machine recognizes my Orinoco Silver card at boot, assigns
it to eth1, and loads the orinoco_cs module and dependencies. I then run
'ifconfig eth0 down' to disable my wired eth0 card, followed by 'ifconfig
eth1 up' to activate my Orinoco card. The Orinoco card's lights turn on
and the activity light flashes, indicating successful activation.

However, 'ifconfig eth1' shows that the card has no IP address. I run
'netconfig eth1' and select DHCP IP assignment, then restart the card by
performing 'ifconfig eth1 down' then 'ifconfig eth1 up,' but 'ifconfig eth1'
still shows that my card has no IP address assigned.

I have verified the card and network on Windows so I know the DHCP server
and infrastructure is in place and functional.

Any suggestions as to how I can successfully obtain an IP address via DHCP
would be greatly appreciated!


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