Addtron AWP-100, orinoco_cs, RH 7.2, WEP

Peter E. Popovich peter at
Thu Jan 31 14:06:48 EST 2002

On my fully up2date RH7.2 laptop, I've added /etc/pcmcia/hermes.conf and
upgraded firmware to 8c3, my Addtron AWP-100 works nicely, except for WEP.
Hence my posting here.

Obviously, using a newer orinoco_cs might help, but I'd kind of like to hear
from someone who has WEP working on a Prism2 chipset before I sink the time
into rolling my own kernel.

Does anyone on a Prism2 chipset have WEP working?
Does anyone using an Addtron AWP-100 have WEP working?
Are any tricks to getting it working?
Is there (heresy!) a RPM binary version compatible with RH's 2.4.9-21?
Did I overlook a FAQ?

(I'm not averse to using wlan-ng, nor rolling my own kernel, I just can't
sink the time into doing that this week. Right now, it's not a toy, it's
just a tool.)

#ika:i686# cat /var/lib/pcmcia/stab
Socket 0: Intersil PRISM2 11 Mbps Wireless Adapter
0       network orinoco_cs      0       eth0
Socket 1: empty
#ika:i686# uname -a
Linux 2.4.9-21 #1 Thu Jan 17 14:16:30 EST 2002 i686 unknown
#ika:i686# dmesg | grep -v 'Error.*writing packet header to BAP' | tail -n
hermes.c: 1 Aug 2001 David Gibson <hermes at>
orinoco.c 0.07 (David Gibson <hermes at> and others)
orinoco_cs.c 0.07 (David Gibson <hermes at> and others)
eth0: Station identity 001f:0003:0000:0008
eth0: Looks like an Intersil firmware version 0.08
eth0: Ad-hoc demo mode supported.
eth0: IEEE standard IBSS ad-hoc mode supported.
eth0: WEP supported, 40-bit key.
eth0: MAC address 00:90:D1:07:22:E6
eth0: Station name "Prism  I"
eth0: ready
eth0: index 0x01: Vcc 5.0, irq 3, io 0x0100-0x013f

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