Selective Network Neighbourhood

Ian Chilton mailinglist at
Fri Jan 25 02:46:28 EST 2002


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I have 2 windows notebooks with wireless lan cards.

I then have a linux server with 3 network cards:
eth0 - LAN
eth1 - Internet
eth2 - Wireless LAN

I then have a firewall between these 3 interfaces.

I can use telnet/ssh/web etc between the wireless lan, lan and internet
no problems.

However, when I am on the wireless lan, if I go into Network
Neighbourhood, I only see myself and the other wireless machine.
However, if I go to a file window and do \\othermachine where
othermachine is machine on the wired lan, it works and I can access it
fine, it just doesn't show up in network neighbourhood.

Also, my wireless machines do not show up in Network Neighbourhood on
the wired lan although manually using the name, I can access them fine.

Any ideas why Network Neighbourhood is not showing the machines from the
other type of lan?  (i.e wired->wireless and wireless->wired)?



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