Selective Network Neighbourhood

Tony Langdon tlangdon at
Fri Jan 25 09:19:55 EST 2002

> Any ideas why Network Neighbourhood is not showing the 
> machines from the
> other type of lan?  (i.e wired->wireless and wireless->wired)?

Yeah, Windows browsing is a pain.  Is your network bridged or routed between
the wired and wireless segments?  If it's routed, you have the problem that
the browsing is mostly coordinated through broadcasts.

You will need a WINS server in this case (Samba works well, if there's no
NT/2k servers that can do the job), but to properly browse a domain on a
routed network requires a specific set of conditions which include:

0.  You need one or more properly configured WINS servers.
1.  You need to be running a domain (not a workgroup)
2.  Your primary domain controller and any local master browsers are _NOT_
multihomed (i.e. they must have one NIC only).
3.  Each network segment has at least one NT workstation or server (single
homed) that is a member of the domain and can act as local master browser.

In short, it can be a pain, and start -> RUN -> \\machinename is easier for
some networks, as that only requires a WINS server... :)

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