DWL-900AP+ External Mounting Environmentals ;-((

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Hello rwf,


PoE standard

I can't remember where I read it, however between 44 and 52 is the
voltage requirement iirc...

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Monday, December 30, 2002, 1:51:55 PM, you wrote:

r> Cisco does it with 48VDC.
r> At that voltage, the current is less and they seem to work quite well.

r> I have a Cisco 342 AP/Bridge up at 110 ft on my tower. It likes 12V.
r> I have a couple of cases of 15VDC 1.5A switching supplies that were 
r> designed to go into wall warts.
r> I power up the feedline with one of those and get my 12V at the AP.
r> Works like a champ.  I mounted a small red LED on the weatherproof box to 
r> indicate power.
r> It has saved my neck a couple of times when I accidentally had disconnected 
r> the power. I just wait til night time and look out the window up the tower.
r> Looks like a beacon in the night!

r> Ralph N4NEQ
r> http://www.ralphfowler.com
r> Atlanta Freenet
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