DWL-900AP+ External Mounting Environmentals ;-((

Lyle Williams lyle.williams at bigpond.com
Mon Dec 30 15:43:22 EST 2002

Yes, power over ethernet is meant to be 48volts.  48 volts is standard for
use in telephone exchanges ("central offices" for yanks!).

Cisco's choice of wires for Power over Ethernet (regrettably) differs from
that taken by the rest of the industry.

Lyle Williams
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> Cisco does it with 48VDC.
> At that voltage, the current is less and they seem to work quite well.
> I have a Cisco 342 AP/Bridge up at 110 ft on my tower. It likes 12V.
> I have a couple of cases of 15VDC 1.5A switching supplies that were
> designed to go into wall warts.
> I power up the feedline with one of those and get my 12V at the AP.
> Works like a champ.  I mounted a small red LED on the weatherproof box to
> indicate power.
> It has saved my neck a couple of times when I accidentally had
> the power. I just wait til night time and look out the window up the
> Looks like a beacon in the night!
> Ralph N4NEQ
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