DWL-900AP+ External Mounting Environmentals ;-((

Grahame Kelly grahame at wildpossum.com
Fri Dec 27 13:30:34 EST 2002

Hi everyone.

I am new to the list but have been lurking for sometime.

Last week I mounted my DWL-900AP+ systems in vented containers with an 
additional metal skin to deflect as much heat away as possible. I had some 
experience in going the same environmental casing for a 24/7 operating IR 
Camera / Controller system for my wildpossumCAM (Linux of course).

Initial tests worked well - until the sun came over the house(s) and while not 
directly in sunlight, the tempature raised to 32C internally caused the units 
to both fail within 2 mins. According the DLINK spec they are suppose to 
tolerate operations -10C to +55C: Well this is totally untrue according to my 
experience - I hope your more successfull. My measurements show the units go 
off or intermittent at +30C external - allowing for a 5C to 10C internal 
onboard difference its operating temp is only 35C to 40C MAX. This was tested 
on four units. All showed the same effect.

Interestingly usually the AP's lose ethernet connectivity first, then sometime 
later RF conectivity. Bummer! Bummer!

So, now I am building a "Peiter Unit with integrated AVR uP + tempature 
sensing" for the beasts; hopefully this will give total year long operations.

Love the slotted antenna buy the way Lyne. May build a couple myself but I 
don't have access to laser cutting company, pity they couldn't do a couple of 
runs for others too.

ex. VK2ZGK  Glenhaven; Sydney.
grahame (at) wildpossum (dot) com

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