DWL-900AP+, 5v Power over Cat5, Slotted waveguide.

Alastair D'Silva deece at newmillennium.net.au
Fri Dec 27 13:31:42 EST 2002

> I have built some 5v power supplies for mobile AP testing 
> using 7805 regulators and 2955 power transistors, but they 
> really do produce a tremendous amount of heat.  I'd like to 
> keep that heat out of the box.  I guess I could rivet the 
> regulator/transistor to the back of the waveguide (call that 
> a heatsink?  THIS is a heatsink!), but I was trying to keep 
> things neat.

Yeah, I went down the same path, with a 7805 and bypass transistor
mounted internally in my 1000AP (one of the sealed aluminium cases from
Dick Smith) - not really suitable as they drop the voltage by putting an
additional load (ie, generating lots of heat).

The switchmode PSUs don't get anywhere near as hot, and cab be mounted
within the enclosure, though since the inductor gets a bit warm, I
settled for putting the PSUs in the roof cavity, since I think the AP
would have enough of a time dealing with the summer heat.

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