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John Griffiths john at
Mon Dec 16 10:01:49 EST 2002

I'd be very interested in doiing this in Canberra, anyone got an URL for this?

At 10:53 PM 12/15/02 +0000, Kim Hawtin wrote:
>On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 04:49:39PM +1100, evilbunny wrote:
>>   Idea at this stage is to create a simple XML type client for any/all
>>   OS's that can pull data from GPS units...
>>   Idea is you walk up to a intersection, grab GPS location (to as best
>>   as possible the centre of the intersection without getting killed ;)
>>   note the street names, (St, rd, etc etc) how many lanes, and other
>>   bits that will make it useful. At this stage we're after any
>>   suggestions on what data would be useful to capture etc...
>>   Also trying to find out if people would be willing to go out and map
>>   their suburbs or even surrounding suburbs, the data we plan to
>>   release royalty free to anyone that wants it, some guys in the US
>>   already have the mapping infrastructure to plot these vector points
>>   into images... Because it will be royalty free there won't be any
>>   issues with sharing it, because it won't be owned by any company
>>   etc...
>Now that I'm in a job, after my next pay I'll look at geting a GPS
>unit and start on my area early next year =)
>>   There are a lot of groups that could benefit from this apart from
>>   wireless so there is a potential for a lot of collaboration between
>>   different parts of the community to make this happen... and share in
>>   the benefits of having it...  
>There is a project kicking off in London called AirShadow (?) or
>similar. The idea is that you can map a given ESSID for your community
>group. Also the idea that you can map the "network" area and signal
>strength over time ...

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