Orinoco silver and Melco MAC problems

Joel Fressa joelfressa at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 18 05:16:10 EST 2002


  I have EVERYTHING working right now but 1 small thing.
Its been so frustrating to come so close and fail at this
one thing.

  My Linux PC (Redhat 7.1, 7.2, 7.2 beta and Mandrake 8.2)
all seem to work fine in that RX packets are there, TX
packets are there, no errors, no overruns, etc. BUT,
I can not ping, connect or anything to anybody through
my ISPs AP.

  It gets more complicated. At the ISPs shop, I can now
ping, connect, etc to Windows machines on my subnect BUT,
I can not ping, connect, etc to the Gateway OR anything
outside of the gateway! The Gateway is a linux PC. Kernel
2.4 and I think using IPTABLES/NETFILTER.

  The server reports that my MAC address in its ARP table
is INCOMPLETE! What the hell is that??????

  It seems like my Wireless card is NOT reporting its
HW MAC address at all. I cant seem to set it manually
either. I can shut down the interface (ifdown eth0) and
then change the MAC, then after bringing it up again
(ifup eth0) it goes back to the original!

  So, from my PC, I can now ping across my ISPs AP to
other windows systems (I dont think there is a linux
PC on the subnet except the gateway) just fine. FTP,
Telnet and others too. BUT, I can not get any packets to
go down the gateway and my MAC is not being received
by the gateway/server. :-(

  I hope I explained this good enough. PLEASE PLEASE
let me know if anybody has a fix!



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