Thinkpad T23 wireless?

Jean Tourrilhes jt at
Sat Oct 20 11:15:56 EST 2001

yours truly wrote :
> I just recently bought an IBM Thinkpad T23 w/integrated wireless "minipci" card.
> It's based on an Intersil "Prism 2.5" chipset, which I can't seem to find any linux
> information on. I can't seem to get this thing recognized by the hermes driver, so
> I'm not sure if it's compatible or not. The card does not show up in a pcmcia slot 
> ala cardctl, so I think that it might be a genuine device on the pci bus. Here's
> what it looks like in lspci:
> 02:02.0 Network controller: Harris Semiconductor: Unknown device 3873 (rev 01)
> The card's entry in /proc/pci looks like this:
>   Bus  2, device   2, function  0:
>     Network controller: PCI device 1260:3873 (Harris Semiconductor) (rev 1).
>       IRQ 11.
>       Master Capable.  Latency=64.  
>       Prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xec000000 [0xec000fff].
> Any help would be great.
> 	-Allan

	Yes, I know about those devices. I spent the week hacking on
something similar (Linksys WMP11).
	Note that it's quite different from the Mini-PCI available on
Dell laptops. I've also heard that the Mini-PCI Wireless of HP laptops
was USB based. They really want to make our life simple ;-)

	You have two choice :
	1) You use the latest linux-wlan-ng from Absoval (see Wireless
LAN Howto) which support this device.
	2) You ask me for my *experimental* version of the
orinoco/hermes driver that may or may not work.

	For me, both solutions don't work. With both drivers, every
time I read a buffer out of the card, it's corrupted. I suspect it's
because my PC is too old or something weird.

	Have fun...


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