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Sun Oct 21 17:00:22 EST 2001

Hi Guys

The problem is due to Polling.
The base stations evenly spread the bandwidth to all users on the network
when using turbocell firmware updates which insures that no client gets
anymore of the bandwidth than any other client on the network.
Turbocell doesn't suffer from sideband overlapping as it logically works all
data over each of the nodes.
If you turn the polling off it will work in the manner of all the other
access points but it will also have the downside of the other access points.
If you are trying to maintained a high out put to a client I would suggest
that you use a point to point base to satellite in a chain with the same
channel name network name.
In our test we have had 4 base station setup (same channel same network
name) in the same area all on different antennas pointing at different
client at different distances without any interferences from the other
This is part of the logical polling the karlnet firmware can offer.

I hope this helps

Brenden Cooper
Megalink Aust Pty Ltd

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