Wireless Access Points

Tom Gallagher t__e__g at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 14 09:41:31 EST 2001

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.  The general consensus is to use a 
linux box for maximum flexibility and security.  I was probably a bit too 
general in my original post ... I would love to do that in the ideal world 
but being quite limited for space, these AP boxes from buffalo, apple etc 
were desirable for the fact I could put them on a shelf in my hall where the 
phone point is and have them run nice and quiet (not like a clunky old 
486!!).  I guess what I really want is a PC104 style board running some 
embedded linux with a wireless card in it and make my own access point but I 
guess I am now moving off topic and into a more expensive world also....
Thanks for the input,

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