card that does everything? :)

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you need the prism II chipset only if you are going to use one of the
prebuilt programs. If you can write the algorithm yourself, then any card
that you can put in monitor mode (i.e., Cisco, symbol, etc etc). The problem
is that I do not know of any of these that have an external antenna. You
might try the linksys.
The dlink card does not have an antenna (at least not the one I am using.
This is a problem that I have been running into a lot myself. The cards that
work best in monitor mode also have the shortest range.

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I am after a card that is 802.11b complient, works in ad hoc mode under 
linux, can sniff WEP packets, has a jack for an external antenna and does 
11Mbs. Oh yeah, I also want it to be cheap!

- From what I understand, if I want to sniff WEP packets I need a card with
PrismII chipset.

The hard thing seems to be finding out which cards support an external 
antenna and which cards are fully standards compliant in ad-hoc mode.

- From the ZoomAir website it looks like the 4105 supports an antenna but
4100 doesn't. But the 4105 is a PCI card.

The compaq website doesn't mention anything about connecting external 
antennas. I also found the Wireless howto a bit confusing when it says 
"Compaq (rumored to be selling a rebadged Samsung card - on the other hand, 
the WL 110, WL 210 and WL 215 are Orinoco cards)". Does this mean these
don't have the PrismII chipset? I can't find any other compaq cards.

The DLINK DWL-650 website mentions an "internal patch antenna supporting 
diversity". Not sure what this means.

any help would be appreciated, thanks Iain.

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