card that does everything? :)

Iain iain at
Wed Aug 29 08:31:38 EST 2001

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001 23:39, Dominick, David wrote:
> you need the prism II chipset only if you are going to use one of the
> prebuilt programs. If you can write the algorithm yourself, then any card
> that you can put in monitor mode (i.e., Cisco, symbol, etc etc). The

Ok. Is there a list of cards that can be put in monitor mode? I was under the 
impression that the orinocco cards can't do this. Is this correct?

> problem is that I do not know of any of these that have an external
> antenna. You might try the linksys.
> The dlink card does not have an antenna (at least not the one I am using.

Similarly does anyone know of a list of cards that can behooked up to 
external antennas? 

> This is a problem that I have been running into a lot myself. The cards
> that work best in monitor mode also have the shortest range.

Do you mean the PrismII cards? Is this because of their lower power usage?

thanks, Iain.

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