New W.A. Wireless users

Jason Jordan jas at
Tue Aug 28 20:55:55 EST 2001


A group of us in WA have decided to get into the wireless scene.  We've sourced some old Galaxy antennas and we're eager to get started - but don't want to reinvent the wheel!

Is there a FAQ or web page where the list keeps information that keeps getting asked?

We'd like to know what the "best" gear is in terms of capability and cost-effectiveness.

We'd like to go Point-to-Point initially, but once we've achieved that we're looking to get a real network happening.

One of our members lives on the Darling Scarp with LOS to most of the Perth Metro area.  Ultimately, we'd like to get him working as a hub.

I have seen some Australian sites like - but was hoping for slightly more up to date information.




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