iwconfig core dumped ?

Paul Wisén paul at
Tue Aug 28 07:14:46 EST 2001

> Paul Wisén wrote :
> >
> > and "Link quality 0/92" but it works fine ???
> 	If you want valid number in *ad-hoc* mode, please read the
> driver release notes. It's normal for the driver to report that in
> this case.

I wonder why and if there's anything i could do about it.
So it's not wrong kernel headers then, or wrong version of wireless
extensions ?
I'm trying to use it to do a point to point jump between two boxes.
The distance is about 7 km so there would be a good thing if I could monitor
the link quality. Is there any better mode to do it with ? Any suggestions ?

> > done that.. Im using the latest driver from lucent now.. does
> it really need
> > fixing ?
> 	Never used that driver, so I don't know.

well I've been spending weeks with a wvlan_cs driver who restarts every 10th
seconds under load, and a orinoco_cs who I can't get to work at all. David
Gibson is working with it I think. The thought to use the standard driver
from lucent never occurd to me until today and, for some reason, that works
. The driver has been running without problems in 6 hours now ! We'll see if
it lasts ower the night..

It's just the link quality problem left now, and that, i'm gonna read about
in the driver release notes.. :]

> 	Jean

	/* Paul

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