netgear cards?

Richard Luckhurst rickl at
Wed Aug 15 09:24:33 EST 2001

Hi List

> I don't know about the situation in the US, however here I always have a
> of a time finding places that sell wireless equipment. I dont know of any
> place you can wander into and buy a bunch of cisco or orinoco cards off
> shelf in this city (Canberra) or in Sydney. Right now the CS department at
> is looking to buy more wireless equipment as we finally have point to
> VPN stuff in place. I have sent an email or two out to suppliers of cisco
> lucent equipment here in Canberra (as found on the respective websites)
> for pricing details. There definitely isnt a catalogue oonline with prices
> this stuff anywhere or similar available.

Orinoco is easy to get in Sydney. Contact the main distributor, Integrity
Data Systems,
at North Ryde. They are the largest reseller of the entire range, along with
other brands
in Australia. They can be reached at sales at



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