LRP for notebook ?

Glen Steedman steedman at
Tue Aug 14 12:08:09 EST 2001

has some images
there is another that I can't find the website of at the moment but do have
the image that is 1 disk
file name is

I can email this to you if you want it

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Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 11:35 AM
Subject: LRP for notebook ?

> Hi,
> I'm trying to get LRP to run on an old IBM ThinkPad, which has 3 PCMCIA
> One of the slots is taken up with a 248MB "Harddrive", the other 2 are
> for a Lucent 802.11b wireless ethernet card, and the other for a PCMCIA
> 10BASE-T ethernet card.
> (I actually have 2 different 10BASE-T cards to choose from...  an IBM
> EtherJet PCMCIA card, which I think needs the cs89x0.o module, and an
> "IC-CARD+" el-cheapo card, which needs the pcnet_cs.o module).
> I've managed to get different LRP images to either get the wireless side
> running, or to at least recognise the ethernet card, but haven't managed
> do both at the same time yet...
> Does anyone have, or know of, a working LRP image that can be used to turn
> an old laptop / notebook into a simple wireless-to-wired ethernet router?
> (No firewalling needed in this particular case).
> Any suggestions most welcome!
> Thanks,
> Chris
> Perth, Western Australia

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