netgear cards?

Steven Hanley sjh at
Tue Aug 14 17:00:48 EST 2001


Earlier on this list someone noticed netgear 802.11b netgear equipment being
sold at harveynorman for somewhat inflated prices. I notice Cougar now has
that same hardware available for a much better price.

However I am unable to find mention on this list or on of netgear. I am
wondering if anyone knows if this stuff works in linux? Is it something nice
like simply a rebadged Cisco Aironet card or Lucent Orinoco card?

Also, David, if you are reading this, have you done any work at getting the
DWL 650 to work? (just curious, if so I can upgrade to a recent 2.4 kernel
(like 2.4.8) otherwise I can take a look myself (I am guessing it just
initialises a little bit differently to the currently supoorted caards and
will work like a normal Prism II otherwise.)

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