Multiple cards howto ?

Paul Wisén paul at
Wed Aug 1 06:18:35 EST 2001


Is there some quick howto about how to set up multiple wireless cards in one
machine ?
We have no luck here...

One card runs just fine, and there seems not to be any problems with the
pcmcia adapters.

The problem we have is to configure the wireless extensions, Managed mode
and so on.
The wireless.opts file is the one to use but we can't figure out what to
enter in that file to get it to use different options for the different

We tried to compile the orinoco module ( orinoco-0.06d ) but it complains
about some missing orinoco.h file.. ?? Did somebody forgot that in the
distribution ?  (Gibson?) ;)

So, what module should we be running to do this? Orinoco or wvlan ?, and
does somebody have an example of the wireless.opts file for us to use ?
Maybe even the network.opts file ?

Beacause of that we can't compile orinoco ourselfs I guess we should use the
one that comes with the kernel. We can't figure out what to turn on in the
kernel to get the orinoco module though, does anybody got a hint ?

Running Redhat 7.1 with 2.4.7 kernel and two cpu's.
No PCMCIA in the kernel what so ever, exept config_net_radio..
pcmcia-cs 28 ( because of the smp bug )
Ordinary Redhat wireless-tools 20-4
Orinoco PC Cards silver with 7.52 firmware

Regards Paul & Ulf

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