Orinoco card moving frequency?

Dent, Mike m.dent at lancaster.ac.uk
Wed Aug 1 02:36:58 EST 2001

Hi folks.....
I'm still battling & getting to grips with a pair of these Orinoco silver

I have one installed in a Redhat 7.1 linux PC, it seems to be using wvlan_cs
module. (sorry I cant easily post any output from the
linux box from here) it is installed in a ISA bridge card.
The other is in a Windows 98 laptop, for the moment I want to use the Orinoco
client manager software to look at signal levels etc.

Now this seemed to be working fine in the workshop yesterday. I moved the linux
box in to a better location today and things dont seem
to be working?

I went to look at the linux box and iwconfig showed it had somehow moved
frequency? It seemed to be on channel 10,  2.457Ghz.
So I did a 'iwconfig eth1 channel 7' but it did not seem to move it, tried
again, this time it went. So I used iwconfig a few times and
it seemed to be moving channels?
Also iwconfig seems to show the speed as 2mb/s and does not report signal

Basically I want to lock it to channel 7, ad-hoc mode and have it stay there
for now. We have other 2.4Ghz stuff on the tower and channel
7 is the only free one. I'd like to experiment with different speeds too if

Another question, is it possible to somehow lock the Orinoco client manager
software to look on a specific channel? I'm assuming when you hit the "explore"
button it moves through all the channels looking for compatible devices?

Thanks for any pointers/help.


> --
> Mike Dent,
> Chief Technician,
> ISS,
> Computer Centre,
> Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YW.

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