smbpasswd on FC5 does not work

Michael Martinez mikem at
Tue Sep 19 18:07:22 GMT 2006


We're running Samba-3.0.14a on freebsd. We recently upgraded our clients 
from FC2 to FC5 and "smbpasswd" no longer works. It throws the following 

-bash-3.1$ passwd
Old SMB password:
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
cli_pipe_validate_current_pdu: RPC fault code NT code 0x1c010002 
received from remote machine sambaserver pipe \samr fnum 0x7490!
machine sambaserver rejected the password change: Error was : NT code 
Failed to change password for username

It used to work under FC2 (and still works with our Redhat 9 clients) so 
it seems to be an FC5 problem.

Anyone seen this error before? Is this a known issue?


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