Not able to access the mount

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Mon Aug 28 19:26:09 GMT 2006

I am using smbfs as cifs is not supported in the Linux box I have. As
well I tried up2date and its not working. Any way I could make this work
without having to touch the kernel and without rebooting the box


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> Sure I will be able to do that. It would be good if I could get rpms
> RHEL 3.

First, you don't mention whether you are mounting using "cifs-vfs" or
If you are using "smbfs", you may want to switch to "cifs-vfs".  To do
specify "cifs" as the file system type when you run mount ("mount -t
instead of "smb".

If using "cifs-vfs" does not solve the problem, you may want to upgrade
"cifs-vfs" kernel module as well as your version of Samba.  The easiest
way is 
to use Red Hat's "up2date" utility.  Run it, and it will automatically
you to the current official Red Hat versions of "cifs-vfs" and Samba.

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