Samba 3.x and Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Domain

John Forth jforth at
Fri Feb 6 18:57:24 GMT 2004

I have a question regarding using Samba as a file server with an Windows
2003 Server Active Directory domain.  We are currently running samba 3.0 on
our file server and are using NT 4.0 for our Windows domain controller.  Is
it possible at this point to use Samba with a 2003 Active directory domain
and allow users to view their files after authenticating thru the Active
Directory?  In Testing, I've been able to get the smb.conf file setup to not
give errors when I run the net ads join command.  Is there anything special
that needs to be done to get Samba to talk to the Active Directory besides
having security = ads?




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