smbfs vs. cifs

djmcke djmcke at
Thu Aug 26 15:14:18 GMT 2004

Hi all, 
Perhaps this is a FAQ but a Googled for a bit with no luck.
On Linux I do:

  mount -t smbfs -o username=Administrator,password=**** //winbox/c /mnt/winbox/c

This works pretty well, but sometimes files "disappear".  If I do:

  ls /mnt/winbox/c/full/path/to/file

I get file not found.
So I thought I'd try out cifs -- its supposed to be more advanced:

  mount -t cifs -o username=Administrator,password=**** //winbox/c /mnt/winbox/c

This basically works but the permissions on files I copy from Windows to Linux are
crazy.  I am using Fedora Core 2.  Is CIFS ready for prime time?  TIA

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