Modified file Stamp changing by 1 sec??

Joseph Watson jtwatson at
Wed Aug 25 15:20:16 GMT 2004


	I had a tap drive fail on my NT 4.0 server, so as a temperatry fix I used 
smbmnt to mount the NT share on my linux box.  Then I used Kdar to backup the 
files.  This worked fine, it took 24 hours to backup 30 Gigs.  The next day I 
did a incramentle backup, and it was 3.6 Gigs.  So I started looking at what 
was changed and descovered that 90% of the backup are files that the modified 
date was changed by 1 sec.  But the dates are sever months or years on the 
past.  It is clear to me these files did not change, but yet the date moved 
forward by 1 second.  I check the properties on the NT 4.0 server and the 
linux box for some of these files, and they show the same date.  But the full 
backup shows they were a second older the day before.

Has anyone seen this kind of thing before?  I don't know if the problem is 
with NT, smbmnt or Dar, so I thought I might ask.


Joseph Watson

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