smbfs directories contain all empty files...

Thibodeau, Jim jthibodeau at
Mon Aug 23 20:00:57 GMT 2004

I learned that increasing the TTL option to much higher values, allows
reading of the files within the TTL period IF I go in with the shell and do
a directory listing.
Does this help anyone understand this problem???

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I have sort of an interesting problem concerning the use of mounted smb
files systems.
Mounts of remote shares with a small number of files seems to work without
any issues. When I mount a remote share that contains a large number of
files and I mean in the range of thousands the files all appear to be empty.
When I cat them, I get nothing, when I cp them my the target file size is
always 0 bytes in size. All of this occurs without any apparent errors of
any sort. 
Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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