Modified file Stamp changing by 1 sec??

Arne Henningsen arnehe at
Wed Aug 25 15:35:45 GMT 2004

when I was backing up files from Linux to Windows I had the same problem. It 
was because (some / all ???) Windows file systems have a file time 
resolutions of 2 seconds. Thus, if the file time on Unix was, e.g. 7:17, it 
had to be on Windows 7:16 or 7:18, and thus there was quite often a 1 second 
difference. However, you copied the files in the opposite direction, aren't 
you? Maybe you can figure out, if this is also the reason for your problem.
All the best,

On Wednesday 25 August 2004 17:20, Joseph Watson wrote:
> Hello,
>  I had a tap drive fail on my NT 4.0 server, so as a temperatry fix I used
> smbmnt to mount the NT share on my linux box.  Then I used Kdar to backup
> the files.  This worked fine, it took 24 hours to backup 30 Gigs.  The next
> day I did a incramentle backup, and it was 3.6 Gigs.  So I started looking
> at what was changed and descovered that 90% of the backup are files that
> the modified date was changed by 1 sec.  But the dates are sever months or
> years on the past.  It is clear to me these files did not change, but yet
> the date moved forward by 1 second.  I check the properties on the NT 4.0
> server and the linux box for some of these files, and they show the same
> date.  But the full backup shows they were a second older the day before.
> Has anyone seen this kind of thing before?  I don't know if the problem is
> with NT, smbmnt or Dar, so I thought I might ask.

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