Large File support samba 3.0, linux redhat

Manuel Ordonez manuel_ordonez at
Tue Oct 7 02:50:52 GMT 2003

Hi, I installed Redhat 9.0 on an Dell, not that it matters.  I downloaded 2.4.22 of the kernel recompiled and installed.  I downloaded samba version 3.0 in rpm form and installed this.   I'm very novice to the linux world.   After I downloaded the samba install, I checked mount.samba and it gave me the right version number.   I'm trying to connect my Linux box to a windows 2000 sever.  I'm having problems with large files anything over 2 gig.   Not sure If I need to recompile samba in some special way or something or if I can get there from here.  It looks like large files work on the linux box, I created a file around 3 gif by using dd if=/dev/zero of=/images/mo.img bs=512 count=6000 or something like that.  But when I try to use images over 2 gig on the windows server (running windows 2000) it doesn't work correctly.   Also it appears like some of my filenames are appearing as question marks ???????? ???.doc kinda stuff.   Probably a language support problem?  The large file support thing is my big problem.

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