write acces when mounting lan's filesystems.

javier garcia andresjavier.garcia at wanadoo.es
Fri Jan 3 15:45:13 GMT 2003

Hi; I've got Linux and samba installed in two PC's of our lan. The rest of 
the computers have Windows2000 installed.
The PC's with Windows2000 can browse my Linux shares perfectly with Windows 
Explorer, and I can print from Linux to a Windows client printer.
I can connect  with 'smbclient' to a windows client and see its content, and 
also to each of the other linux computer and see the shares of both of them 
from each other.
All this makes me quite happy :->

My problem is about mounting and browsing the net from the Linux PC's:
1) Between both Linux computer, I am using also samba to communicate between 
these to computers. Is this the better way?
2) I'm using konqueror to browse and in the address bar I write 
lan://IP-of-the-others-PC but the connection fails. Is this correct or I 
always need to mount the destination filesystems before I can see them in a 
3) I've also tried to use smbmount in this way:
 smbmount //HP-Javier/publDoc /mnt/publdoc
and give the samba password. It mounts right but when I try to add (write - 
when browsing with konqueror) a file to the remote linux PC the access is 
denied. I'm sure that the user has write access allowed to hits folder. Why 
4) I've also mounted, in the same way, a whole NTFS filesystem of a remote 
windows2000 PC, and I can browse it right in konqueror, but I haven't got 
write access. And write access is allowed to my user in the windows 2000 PC. 
Is the same question that the previous one, but perhaps the solution is 
different. Isn't it?
5) And last. There are any restrictions to mount and access lan's 
filesystems, through samba, based on the owner of the folders?

Thank you for your help and Happy New Year.
A. Javier García
Water and Soil Conservation Department
Apartado 4195
30080 Murcia

Tel.: +34 968 39 63 90
Fax: +34 968 39 62 13

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