Eddie Doyle eddiedoyle555 at
Thu Jan 2 20:14:27 GMT 2003

I have two computers, which I'd like to experiment with, in just to learn 
about how to lan two computers together, one using Windows98se that I've 
installed Internet Connection Sharing and the other which has Linux 8.0.

I'm starting a simple network between two computers, one of which is 
operating Windows98se and another which I've installed Linux Redhat 8.0.  
I'm very confused about How to setup my Sever Settings.  I go into Services 
through /root, which I suppose had the adminstrator privileges.  which I set 
the samba and winbind.  But What I can't figure out is how do I set the 
Network Device Control settings?  How do I configure that?  There are four 
tabs: Devices, Hardware, Host and DNS.  My devices are active, My hardware 
is set to my NIC, But what do I put in for Host?  Do I put the name and IP 
address of my Windows98 computer? or my Linux computer?  Now what do I put 
in for the DNS tab?
I can't get it straight who is domian and who is host when both are Host.  
Now on my Authentication Configuration, How do I set that?  Who do I put in 
the samba configuration and How do I set the password for the windows98 

And what would be a simple smb.conf file to create in order just to peer 
back and forth to each computer?

Plus what do you use to view the Windows98 computer from Linux?

I'v also tried the nmblookup and I cannot see either computer, but when I 
ping the IP addresses, I see them.
What do I put in the Server field in smb.conf?

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