Urban Widmark urban at
Thu May 2 17:05:08 GMT 2002

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Ali Hasnain Baqri wrote:

> I am executing smbclient through java.lang.Process.exec(String[])
> I am getting the output through stream from it.

You are aware of the existance of jCIFS?

Not forking a new process will be faster and you will do everything within
Java code.

> When I list the contents of a directory on Windows containing japanese 
> characters, the output is corrupted.
> Using InputStreamReader to read the output of smbclient with encoding as 
> any of euc-jp, shift-jis and utf-8 doesnot work. I tried using -t option
> to supply the encoding in conjuction of above, it still doesnot work.

Does it return the correct characters when you run it standalone? If it
does then it's probably a Java issue.


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